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   Do you

  • Limit daily and weekly activities to avoid exhaustion or overwhelm?

  • Start tasks but struggle to complete them?

  • Have trouble making decisions?

  • Accidentally break things when using them?

  • Have trouble going to new places?

  • Feel uncomfortable in crowds or meeting new people?

Do you

  • Experience discomfort during self-care tasks such as cutting nails, brushing hair, or brushing teeth?

  • Remove tags or avoid certain clothing textures or styles?

  • Avoid foods based on how they look, feel or taste?

  • Easily or often feel claustrophobic?

Identify strategies to create a sensory lifestyle specific to your individual needs

Do you

  • Experience discomfort in fluorescent lighting?

  • Feel irritated or distracted by background noise?

  • Have trouble waking up in the morning?

  • Struggle to calm or settle for sleep?

  • Feel unmotivated or lethargic?

  • Have trouble controlling your emotions?

Do you

  • Prefer TV/music volume much louder or quieter then others?

  • Have trouble hearing or understanding what is said to you?

  • Avoid participating in athletic events? 

  • Fatigue easily/have poor endurance?

  • Feel clumsy or uncoordinated?

  • Recognizing how you feel?

There is HOPE


Explore the sensory systems and how they influence all activities of life



Partner WITH your therapist to fully explore YOUR concerns




self-awareness and increase self-advocacy skills



Identify practical solutions to adapt work settings and create sensory-safe spaces



to learn more


Services Designed to Meet Your Needs




  • Short-term Intensive

  • Weekly/Bi-weekly

  • Monthly

  • As needed



Style and Location

  • In person

  • Online

  • By phone

You are not alone. 


"Thank you for your amazing patience, skill, and commitment to your profession. Please know you have made a permanent impact on our family's life and we will be forever grateful!"

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