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About the Founder


Mim has extensive training in sensory processing and relationship-based interventions. She worked at the STAR Institute under the mentorship of Dr. Lucy J. Miller for seven years where she advanced her skills with parent coaching and professional mentoring.

She is qualified to utilize the FEAS (Functional Emotional Assessment Scale), is licensed in the state of Colorado, and holds certifications in Sensory Processing Proficiency, DIR/Floortime (Developmental Individual differences Relationship-based model), Interpersonal Neurobiology and Mindsight, Integrated Listening Systems, the Safe and Sound Protocol, and has advanced training in the SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding.


Across more than 20 years of experience working with clients of all ages, Mim has developed a passion for enhancing relationships. Her personal experience with sensory processing differences, in addition to her high sensitivity and empathic nature, allows her to share great insight and compassion with her clients.


She empowers others through practical education, has extensive experience in parent coaching and professional mentoring, and implements a trauma-informed care approach.


Mim’s specialized approach goes beyond sensory processing to help individuals actively participate in life. Mim understands that sharing experiences with others is what gives sensation meaning and recognizes relationships are essential foundations for development. Beyond sensation, Mim supports attunement and social engagement, crucial building blocks for emotion regulation.


"I wish that I had the right words to communicate my gratitude to you. I am incredibly thankful for all you are doing for our family! You know that your intensive efforts are life changing efforts for our entire family! I want to compliment your incredible skill set that you bring to this field, and even more important is the person you are inside. The joy, excitement, flexibility, comfort/safety, creativity, intuitiveness, and love combined with your incredible knowledge, experience, and skill is what makes you one of the most truly amazing people I have ever teamed with!"

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