Parent and Teacher Groups:

Teaching Children


  • Prevent meltdowns before they begin

  • Identify factors that influence regulation states

  • Recognize signs before it's "too late"​

  • Respond efficiently in the heat of the moment

  • Increase your child's self awareness

  • Create concrete strategies specific to your child

  • Learn new skills, share your story, and receive encouragement from others in the same boat!

  • Groups meet once weekly for 6-8 weeks

  • Groups formed based on best fit (please provide details below)

  • Pay what you can pricing

  • Join with friends and family to most fully support your child

Fall Groups Forming NOW

Potential Topics

Please Provide the Following Information
Are you a parent or teacher?
What age child(ren) are you supporting?
What days of the week can you meet?
What time of day can you meet?
Pay what you can:

* All groups completed virtually using a HIPAA compliant Zoom account

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I look forward to collaborating with you!

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