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Parent and Teacher Groups:

Helping Children


  • Prevent meltdowns before they begin

  • Identify factors that influence regulation states

  • Recognize signs before it's "too late"​

  • Respond efficiently in the heat of the moment

  • Increase your child's self awareness

  • Create concrete strategies specific to your child

  • Learn new skills, share your story, and receive encouragement from others in the same boat!

  • Groups meet once weekly for 6-8 weeks

  • Groups formed based on best fit (please provide details below)

  • Pay what you can pricing

  • Join with friends and family to most fully support your child

Groups Forming NOW

Potential Topics

Please Provide the Following Information
Are you a parent or teacher?
What age child(ren) are you supporting?
Select the day of week that works best for you.
Select what time of day works best for you.
Pay what you can:

Thanks, I'll be in touch!

* All groups completed virtually using a HIPAA compliant Zoom account


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I look forward to collaborating with you!

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