• Adult Support Groups

  • Parent Groups

  • Schools/Daycare  

  • Professional Organizations  

  • Early Intervention Providers 

  • Religious Organizations

  • Summer Camp Providers

  • Before/After School Care

Groups Who Benefit Include

  • Adapted to meet needs of each group

  • Joyful and Compassionate

  • Relational, Open, and Connected

  • Understandable Language

  • Practical 

  • Questions Answered

  • Potentially interactive

Presentation Style

  • Validated

  • Respected

  • Informed

  • Motivated

  • Encouraged


I love supporting and encouraging others

  • What is Sensory Processing and Integration

  • How to be sensory-aware in your work

  • Building a sensory-friendly lifestyle

  • The sensory processing and social-emotional development connection

  • And more

  • Requests taken

Potential Topics Include

Presenting provides me with an opportunity to encourage others while also spreading awareness to promote understanding and growth. 

I have presented to a variety of audiences across my career ranging from parent groups, therapists, adaptive sports program providers, camp staff,

teachers, and professional organizations. 

Participants Report Feeling

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I look forward to speaking with you!

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