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  • Adult Support Groups

  • Parent Groups

  • Schools/Daycare  

  • Professional Organizations  

  • Early Intervention Providers 

  • Religious Organizations

  • Summer Camp Providers

  • Before/After School Care

Groups Who Benefit Include

  • Adapted to meet needs of each group

  • Joyful and Compassionate

  • Relational, Open, and Connected

  • Understandable Language

  • Practical 

  • Questions Answered

  • Potentially interactive

Presentation Style

  • Validated

  • Respected

  • Informed

  • Motivated

  • Encouraged


I love supporting and encouraging others

  • What is Sensory Processing and Integration

  • How to be sensory-aware in your work

  • Building a sensory-friendly lifestyle

  • The sensory processing and social-emotional development connection

  • And more

  • Requests taken

Potential Topics Include

Presenting provides me with an opportunity to encourage others while also spreading awareness to promote understanding and growth. 

I have presented to a variety of audiences across my career ranging from parent groups, therapists, adaptive sports program providers, camp staff,

teachers, and professional organizations. 

Participants Report Feeling

Crowd Applausing

for more information

Students and Teacher in Classroom

I look forward to speaking with you!

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